In Loving memory of Erik “Little Brother” Bøe

October 16, 1992- March 31 .2018

Erik was born on the 16’TH of November 1992. He was the son of former President of the Valdres chapter- Einar Bøe 1959-2007 R.I.P.

As a small boy he would frequent the Valdres clubhouse with his older sister and best friend and confidant through his whole life. They were both well known with all the Valdres and Hallingdal crew members as kids.

Erik had a strong personality. He was stubborn as hell, but righteous. He was always clear on right and wrong and had a strict code of honor. He used to say; “I am who I am, you don’t like it?. Too bad for you” He wasn’t going to change to please anyone, either you are my friend or you’re not, simple as that. People like that are hard to come by and my guess is he got this through his genes ‘cause his father was the same. Honorable, brave and with integrity.

As life moved on he discovered wildlife and fishing. Fishing was to become his favorite recreation. Weekend after weekend was spent with his mom and new step-dad Roger in the hills of Aurdal and in Etnedal. Later he was joined by his younger brother Martin on these trips and it was one of his biggest pride and joy to become a big brother.

His father, Einar sadly passed away in 2007 as a result of dystrophia , an aggressive muscle disease. Saddened by the loss of his father and after getting his own diagnose he somehow drifted a bit away from us for a while. He showed up now and then but took comfort in the wildlife and especially fishing, spending lots of time with his family. His two older sisters and his younger brother was the top priorities for a while. His mom and step-dad helping in any way they could.

After some time away, he started hanging out at the club again. Said he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps. He wanted to become a Wino! He was dedicated, he was on a mission. The only problem was the bike, with the same diagnose as his father it was apparent that he could not handle a bike on two wheels as the disease progressed. After spending hours in the bar with the Brothers he decided a trike would be the way to go. Now things really started happening.

Soon he had bought himself a 2003 Sporty anniversary edition bike. His club brothers acted and applied for all the approvals needed to build the bike, some went all the way into Sweden and got parts. Many people pitched in. As the rumors spread the painter sponsored the paint, parts were donated, and welders and fabricators helped the Brothers get the trike together… Things were looking good, BUT there’s always a downside to every story isn’t there.

In November at a Friday night party at the clubhouse he had to return home due to stomach pain. He promised to return the next day, but never showed up. Sunday, we got the word he was in hospital. They had found a tumor the size of a handball in his belly, and it was aggressive. It had spread through his internals, liver, kidneys… the news was devastating.

He was put in intensive care while the hospitals tried to figure out how to help. Several options were tried but there was nothing that helped. He was told, spend your Christmas with the family because it will be your last. You will have maybe a few months but all we can do is try to help with the pain.

Erik was like I mentioned before stubborn and set out to prove the doctors wrong. I’m not giving up he said, there must be a cure..maybe they’ll discover something..or.. anyway; I will fight this thing come hell or high water.


The trike build went on and as soon as it was ready and approved Erik started riding. Most of the time with a Brother from the club, Ole Kristian. One of the guys who really had pitched in during the build. The age difference did not matter, they had fun.

On over time, one year after his cancer diagnose he rode his trike during the Rakfisk Festival in Valdres. When most of us had parked our bikes for the winter Erik and his sidekick Bro Ole Kristian rode. Every minute riding counted… “let’s ride…”

Erik lost against the cancer as we all knew he would in the end. But he did us proud, he fought and went down swinging. He proved the doctors wrong and beat the doctor’s judgement with one year. One year we would not have missed for anything!

He got to follow his fathers footsteps, he made his dream come true, he spent quality time with his family who took him for helicopter rides and other fun he had on his bucket list. In the end he left us surrounded by his closest family.

You left us young little Brother, but like your father you left us as better human beings and as an inspiration to us all!


You will never be forgotten and I hope Einar “Preacher” had a trike waiting for you as you arrived. A warrior needs his sled…

Rest in Peace brave one! You will never be forgotten!


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