Q: Why Wino’s Crew, what does that mean?

A; Wino’s Crew MC got its name from Wino Willie Forkner. When he talked about our founding members, Wino referred to them as “his crew in Texas”, hence the name WCMC. When we split from the old club we were renamed with the blessing and support of Wino Willie himself. His Crew; Wino’s Crew Motorcycle club.


Q; Where is your “National”?

A: Wino’s Crew MC do NOT have a “National”, nor will we ever have. This is one of the reasons this club exists in the first place. The whole idea that some members or chapters should be superior to other members or and chapters is something we do not believe in.

We believe in one man, one vote.


Q; Where is your headquarters?

A; WCMC do not have a “headquarter”, we do have members assigned to dealing with the logistics of the club, archives, history, current membership statuses, legal issues and so on. This task was transferred to Norway and for the time being most of these matters are sorted from here. All decisions are voted on in every legit charter by every legit member.


Q; Where did Wino’s Crew start?

A; Wino’s Crew MC was founded by 13 members that split from a different club in 1997. The founding chapter was in Fort Worth Texas.


Q; What is the relation to Wino Willie?

A: Wino Willie gave us our name, so we could carry on his legacy and his traditions. We have always had close contact with his family and the original members of his old club. This to make sure we keep on track with what Wino wanted his club to be.


Q; Why do you wear a three-piece patch?

A; We wear the three-piece patch because we have earned the right to do so. Wino Willie himself did not believe in the idea of wearing patches, and he never wore one. But when this club started it was the logical thing to do.

We do not claim territory or the sole right to a specific rocker. Our bottom rocker simply tells you where each member is from, that’s all.


Q; You wear a clown, what does it symbolize?

A; Our logo is our take of the original Walt Porter drawing (ref history pages) It is named Angry Walt Porter and is there to show our feelings about the other club treated Wino Willie and his legacy.


Q; Are you a support club?

A; No, Wino’s Crew MC is not a support club, we are 100% Wino’s Crew. We have a legacy to protect. We do not seek to be tough, powerful or big. We aim to be the coolest club we can be, while at the same time protecting and nursing our heritage, bringing the word to a new group of bikers.


Q; What is the meaning of WDCC?

A: We Don’t Call Cops

This became our slogan after a “National” called the cops on our founding members, and later to a club meeting where these issues were to be addressed.

25 members left at that moment, and later 13 of these guys started Wino’s Crew MC (ref history pages)

WDCC is not just a catchy phrase. It signifies so much more. It is a pledge to each and every brother. It stands for honest treatment, and a fair chance to settle disputes with Brothers. Those who do are beneath contempt.