Wino`s Crew MC Hallingdal Chapter

The year was 1993, it was spring and a group of Harley riders formed a biker club in the southern half of Norway. To be more specific, in Hallingdal, more or less halfway between the two cities of Oslo (the capitol of Norway) in the south and Bergen on the west coast. Their pride of their Viking heritage made them pick the name Einherjingan from the Norse mythology. The Einherjingan was the name of the bravest of Viking warriors who died in battle and went to Valhalla. They would wait there for Ragnarok or "the end of days" if you will. They would rise again and fight alongside the Gods, Odin and Tor in the final battle.

The club grew fast and soon they started running into another club from Valdres called the Cavemen MC (ref. Valdres Chapter history) at parties, runs and rallies. They really got along great and a good relationship was started.

After the first year the club bought a clubhouse in an industrial area in Hallingdal, a clubhouse they still own and operate today.

The two clubs grew tighter and tighter all the time and after years of friendship and Brotherhood they unified their forces into a bigger unit. They picked the name Berzerker after a Brother from a So.California club suggested the name to them. Both strong and proud of their two clubs they decided that the bottom rocker from the Cavemen MC and the target/logo of the Einherjingan would make out the rest of the patches.

The new club was operating with two chapters. The Valdres chapter had years before this started working on the prospect of maybe one day be able to join a legendary California club. This was something that also was very appealing to the Hallingdal Chapter. Both chapters wanted to get back to the ways of the old clubs and suddenly what had once had been a dream was within` grasp.

During the eighties this club had been reorganized/restarted by one of the original founders of the legendary club. This man was the biker legend Wino Willie Forkner. He soon had established over 30 new charters, one of these were given Europe back in –88. In the mid-nineties the club was reorganized again and the club started acting in ways that disgusted the original members. The European chapters and the So-Cal chapters didn`t join the new "organisation" but kept fighting for the right ways.

The two Berzerker Chapters joined the European chapters, and on the 15`th of April 2000 they were patched out as full members.

The years went by and more and more of the good Brothers in the US left the club for better things, it became apparent that the stars in our eyes were gone and we were fighting a loosin` game. Disgusted with their ways of doing things we started looking for options.

As the true Brothers they are they offered us a way and we took it, humble and filled with honor.

On the 17`th of June 2003 a new era for the Vikings Chapters begun. We were now Wino`s Crew MC Norway and the quest for a real Brotherhood was over. We had found the club were we belong and aim to make those that came before us and those that will follow proud.

The years passed and soon the two first chapters had been Wino’s Crew for 10 years. A damned good reason for making it one helluva party. The Valdres and Hallingdal chapters got together and decided to move the legendary Booze Up party to the end of July instead of the previous September dates. Then they reached out to Kristiansand and Oslo and offered to include them as organizers for the party in a 4way split. All four agreed and the party had suddenly grown into something bigger. Several bands were booked and as the party was about to start people were rolling in from all over the USA and Europe. Even the cops wanted to participate and had the party surrounded and a bear in the air filming the event. All participants were controlled by the cops before being allowed access to the party. (After all was over no charges were brought against any of the guests, no warrants and no drugs were found, only happy partygoers and smiling faces all over.) As the police chopper circled the campground the girls were flashing them, and some flipped the bird. Most just ignored them though..
The weekend came to an end and from the reports in magazines and by the grapewine this had been one nobody would’ve missed. Fabulous weather, great music, bikergames and just a helluva good time.

The club in Norway is now close to their 20 year anniversary and promise to make that a good one too.

Let the good times roll!