Wino's Crew MC Kristiansand History

The saga of what was to become Wino's Crew MC Kristiansand started in 1987. At this time they were the first biker club on the southern coast of Norway. They picked the name Valhall MC for the club. Proud of their Viking heritage the name needs no further explanation.

The club soon developed and quickly became a respected part of the biker environment, both in Norway and in Denmark where they soon found kindred spirits.

The first clubhouse was located on the west side of the city of Kristiansand, but they soon moved on over to the eastside to another place located at Hånes. An old friend of the club had a place that he was willing to rent to the club. They knew that this was a man to be trusted and that they could put a lot of money into the place without having to worry about being evicted from the premises. The clubhouse was ready in May 1997 and saw it's fair share of partys through the years. The Kristiansand Crew stayed there until february 2012 when they got a new landlord and had to start looking for a new home.

Over the years, Valhall MC discovered that they had much in common with an international club named Wino's Crew MC. Their ideology and attitudes towards the biker community was something they found very appealing and it soon became apparent that this would be the way to go. Be another branch to continue the legacy left us by Wino Willie Forkner and the originals.

On December 5 2009, Valhall MC Kristiansand took the first step into the green and white family and became official hangarounds to Wino's Crew MC Norway. Over the next months the knowledge of the history and bonds to the other chapters of the club grew stronger and stronger and it was obvious that they had found the right path to follow. After a year of hard work and dedication the club got their reward. Valhall MC was put to rest on the 4'Th of December 2010. It was time to don the new colors of Wino's Crew MC Prospect Chapter Kristiansand. Even though it was sad to see the at that time 23 year old club was being put to rest, they were now one step closer to fulfilling their dream of becoming the 4'th full chapter of the club in Norway

The road towards full status went on and with clear sights on the target the motivation to keep the legacy going could not be stronger. The prospect chapter worked hard and proved their loyalty and strength through good times and through bad. It all paid off and late Friday night on the 20'Th of April the Kristiansand chapter got their full status, making them the 4'Th full chapter of the Wino's Crew MC Norway. They had arrived at the Oslo chapter's spring party ready for another full weekend of hard work and no sleep, but instead it was their time to party. And this time they partied hard!

The fire still burns and the legacy live on....


Some were born knowing what that means,

Some will never understand!