Chapter history Wino's Crew MC Oslo

The story starts at New Year's Eve in the year of 1998. Seven buddies started out the "Back Road MC" located at "Luke Gård", Skjetten, right outside Oslo City. From this moment and ten years on, this bunch would reside at this former farm. They rented the barn and soon restored it into their clubhouse and headquarters. The clubhouse has seen it's share of parties and the club soon got a reputation for throwing the best bikerparties and booking some kickass bands on their stage..

The club soon evolved. What once was a rowdy "backyard partying mechanics" club, soon turned into something more serious. In this process some members were leaving while some others were gained. There's still quite a few of the original members around from back in the day.

The club travelled far and often until they one day had a revelation. They had met a club that treasured excactly the same values they had looked for. Naturally they craved for the same kind of Brotherhood and something bigger and more serious... the quest for the green and white had begun.

The relations to the Wino's Crew Motorcycle Club evolved into friendship and then into more. In February 2007 at the Valdres Chapter's annual winter party, the Back Road MC was granted hangaround status. At the same time The Wino's Crew MC Wiltshire England Chapter was granted full membership. The reasons were good for celebrating and celebrating hard...Wino's Crew Style!

The year that followed consisted of hard work and a lot of travels, the tasks given always done with a smile on their face. But how long was Adam in Paradise... The landlord at Luke Gård decided he didn't want an international club at his property and gave the boys their final notice. The days at Luke Gård was coming to an end. Now another challenge faced the Oslo do we find another clubhouse in or in the vicinity of Oslo City?

Prices for renting or buying a place, are as known sky high around Oslo, the capital. Something else had to be done. Where there's a will there's a way and soon the boys where searchin high and low for a new place. The Brothers are known for doing what it takes and they soon had found a new house. Expensive, but like the boys said, we're not planning on going anywhere. They won the bidding and soon they were their own landlords. The house, as chances would have it, was built in 1946, the same year as the original club started out far away in CA, USA. 10 Years at Luke Gård had come to an end and, and in February 2008 they were handed over the keys for their new place at Frogner. The new clubhouse location a few of miles north of Oslo City, seemed just perfect.

Only two weeks earlier before moving into the new clubhouse, the old clubhouse was crowded by a lot of Wino's Crew MC members. The Back Road MC was buried and a new era had begun. Wino's Crew MC Oslo Prospect Chapter was born on January 19. 2008.

Their time as prospects was useful, and valuable experiences were made. The chapter worked hard towards their goal. The Brotherhood that originally had been rock solid now had turned into an unbreakable bond.

During the Wino's Crew MC Norway's national Viking Run 2009 something special was in the air. On the afternoon May 9 2009 the Wino's Crew MC Oslo chapter was welcomed into the family as full members of the Wino's Crew Motorcycle Club.

They had reached their goal and the road lies before them. New adventures are situated ahead and another chapter of the history is about to be written.