Wino`s Crew mc Stavanger Norway

The story of the Stavanger chapter started in 2011.

We were a few guys, that a while back had been an active part of the motorcycle community in the region. Our kids had grown up and we again had time to prioritize motorcycle riding.

The joy of unity and riding was still at its peak, so we agreed to start our own club - White Horn MC.

As time went on, more and more new faces came along who shared our passion, and who eventually became part of us in White Horn MC.

A few years later a room was available at Sola that we thought was perfect for a clubhouse. This was not a difficult choice. The premises were nothing to brag about, but after many hours of effort and good work-ethic, we were able to turn this into a great clubhouse that we still hold to this day.

In 2015, we at White Horn MC took a real interest in Wino Willy and the club Wino`s Crew MC. During this time, Wino`s Crew chapters were frequently visited by us both at and outside of their parties. We felt so welcome in the company of our Wino friends that in the new year of 2016 we unanimously decided to apply for admission to Wino`s Crew MC. In April, the application to be admitted as a Hangaround club was written and submitted. White Horn MC was taken up as a Hangaround club during the annual party of Wino`s Crew Kristiansand in September the same year, and the road to Wino`s Crew Stavanger had really started.

This was a time with many Harley miles on beautiful Norwegian motorcycle roads where we met a lot of nice people, we made many new good friends.

During our annual party in September 2017, we were taken up as Prospect chapter Wino`s Crew MC Stavanger. White Horn motorcycle became history at the same time. We were now one step closer to our goal, so then it was just to continue on the road ahead.

September 28, 2018 is the date that we all in the Stavanger chapter remember with joy and will probably never forget, as this was the day we had worked towards, hoped for, and waited for the last few years. This was the day when we became a full-fledged chapter Wino`s Crew MC Stavanger.