Wino Willie speaks

Watch the video of Wino Willie (it`s a large file, so be patient, or perhaps download the file...).

This is a video tape made by Wino and provided to those of us who stood with him. We post it here for you to hear in Wino's own words how he felt about the "club" before he died.

Ask your national leadership about that because most of you new guys only hear the " I knew Wino, see my picture with him" stories. Chances are, they got a good lie for ya.

Wino talks about a letter where the national organization offered to sell the club back to him and JD John for $14,641.00. They wanted to buy it because he and JD John decided they didn't want any part of selling stock in the "club". If Wino and JD John owned it, they could prevent the robber baron from controlling it. The national pulled out of a deal to sell.

Wino declares he doesn't want to have the "club" associated with him or JD John anymore. They are still not listening!

This is what inspired us to first do battle in the courts defending our right to keep the colors when the national kicked us out and took us to court for the colors. After winning the right to keep them, we also decided we didn't want them. With Wino's permission, we formed his crew. We did so to spread his word, for the good bikers across the country will never die.

Download the video